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40X6CM Yoga Removable Cushion

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40X6CM Yoga Removable Cushion

The 40x6cm Yoga Removable Cushion is a versatile and comfortable accessory used in yoga and meditation practices. Here are some specifications you may find in such a product:

  1. Dimensions: The cushion typically measures 40 centimeters (cm) in diameter and 6 cm in height. This size is designed to provide adequate support and comfort during yoga or meditation sessions.

  2. Removable Cover: The cushion usually comes with a removable cover, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The cover is often made of durable and washable materials like cotton or polyester.

  3. Firmness and Density: The cushion is designed to have a firm and supportive structure. It is often filled with dense foam or other resilient materials to provide stability and prevent sinking or flattening during use.

A must-have for any yoga enthusiast!

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